Remotely Program and Update Wireless Sensor Units Over the Air

Remotely Program and Update Wireless Sensor Units Over the Air

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released the second generation WSO-11 Wireless Sensor for Overhead Lines, which can now be programmed remotely over the air. This feature allows settings changes and firmware upgrades throughout the entire system of sensor installations. Network operators can modify sensor settings to accommodate special application needs without leaving their desks.

The SEL WSO-11 is a distribution automation sensor that stores peak load data as it monitors the distribution line for loss of current and faults. The sensor transmits reports to an access point via an integrated radio. Used in existing systems to speed fault location, the WSO-11 may be applied in conjunction with the distance-to-fault element in the protective relay to determine the location of the fault when multiple distance-to-fault estimations are present. Installation near remotely controlled motor-operated switches will provide information for feeder reconfiguration. To aid the rapid restoration of power, the sensor employs an inrush restraint feature that coordinates with automated reclosing schemes. It also offers a target display on each sensor as a visual tool to help guide line crews to the fault.

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