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Remote Sensing Technology to Extend Overhead Line Design Software Application

URMC has entered into an agreement with Power Line Systems Inc. (PLSi) to integrate URMC's intelligence-based, risk management solution with PLSi's powerful PLS-CADD platform. The teaming, a first for PLSi, will extend the utility industry application of PLS-CADD overhead line design software by integrating vegetation management intelligence provided by URMC's patent-pending remote sensing and digital imaging technologies.

"Combining URMC's operational vegetation management know-how with our PLS-CADD overhead line design program will reduce a utility's liability and operating costs," said Steven Weber, CEO of PLSi. "The combination will provide right-of-way management and compliance reporting solutions that leverage URMC technology with the PLS-CADD platform, the most trusted and powerful engineering program for analysis of overhead lines."

URMC's intelligence-based, risk management solutions allow for the automated inventory of utility companies' transmission assets as well as all nearby vegetation that could threaten power transmission lines due to weather or normal growth.

"By integrating URMC data and algorithms with PLS-CADD, utility executives and managers will be able to inventory their assets and prioritize vegetation risks from their desktops and immediately act to mitigate them within hours by deploying GPS-enabled tree crews to any point in North America," said Adam Rousselle, president and CEO of URMC. "URMC and PLSi together uniquely understand the challenges faced by the utility industry and the solutions needed by asset management personnel in both engineering and operations. The teaming of our combined resources will result in a complete turnkey solution that will drive reliability and efficiency for the industry."

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