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Relay Panels Suited for T&D Substation Upgrades

Carter & Crawley, Inc. is helping utility companies with power protection, monitoring and control with its new protective relay panels and integrated power distribution centers. Offering multiple feeder protection, bus differential protection, capacitor bank protection, generator and transformer protection, these relay panels are suitable for transmission and distribution substation upgrades that improve reliability, communications and security. Complete design, fabrication, assembly and testing services are available for relay panels, SCADA and RTU cabinets and marshalling cabinets that are custom-made to power distribution, protection and communication needs.

Protective relay panels from Carter & Crawley feature rugged welded frames and durable painting options. The precise wire routing, identification and attachment create a neat appearance and improved traceability for lower long-term maintenance costs.

Companies can save both time and money when the relay and protection panels are engineered, fabricated, tested and delivered in a fully integrated drop-in building, as one coordinated solution. With the panels installed and all interconnect wiring complete, Carter & Crawley’s control buildings feature battery backup systems with all necessary AC and DC panelboards, transfer switches, disconnects, HVAC and ventilation systems.

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