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Recorder Supports IEEE C37.188 Communications Standard

Ametek Power Instruments supports the new IEEE C37.118 communications standard for Synchrophasor data with its advanced TR 2000 Series Multi-Function Recorder.

Using the advanced TR-2000 recorder with its internal GPS receiver, phasor data for up to 10 groups, system frequency, digital input status and individual analog channel values can be streamed to a central collection site at data rates of up to once-per-cycle. As an alternative, two recorders can communicate to compare the phasor values and trigger a long-term disturbance record based on the angle difference and rate-of-change of angle at the two locations.

In its last stages of approval, the C37.118 standard defines a communication protocol and data format for transmitting precision time-tagged positive sequence phasor data to a central site. That data can then be used for state-estimation calculations, stability analysis, wide-area monitoring systems and other applications.

When introduced in 1998, the TR-2000 included support for the IEEE P1344 standard for Synchrophasor data. It was the only fault recording system to provide oscillography, disturbance recording and steady-state loggers along with Synchrophasor data simultaneously in one package. As a result of the experience gained from that implementation, the industry enhanced and clarified the standard to become the new C37.118 protocol.

Ametek is an active supplier of systems used for Synchrophasor measurements with systems in use in the United States by the Western System Coordinating Council, Eastern Interconnect Phasor Project and Electric Reliability Council of Texas and with several international customers.

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