Recloser Control Detects High-Impedance Faults

Recloser Control Detects High-Impedance Faults

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released high-impedance fault detection in the SEL-651R Advanced Recloser Control. SEL’s patented Arc Sense technology (AST) detects more high-impedance faults than conventional protection for reliable operation of a distribution system.

A high-impedance fault occurs when a conductor contacts a ground surface but does not produce a large fault current. The SEL-651R with AST detects and clears many faults that may not be detected by conventional overcurrent elements. AST detection algorithms also offer enhanced security over existing technology, and dedicated event reports provide information on high-impedance fault activity for event analysis.

“We have made huge advancements in high-impedance fault detection by adding AST to some of our feeder relays,” said SEL Lead Research Engineer Venkat Mynam. “By adding AST to a recloser control, we are able to get closer to where high-impedance faults typically occur, detect a stronger signal, and isolate the fault for improved reliability.”

High-impedance fault detection is available now as an option on new SEL-651R Recloser Controls.

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