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Qualitrol, Neoptix to Collaborate on Fiber Optic Monitoring Products

Neoptix Inc. and Qualitrol Co. have announced their plans to develop and produce new solutions for on-line condition monitoring for the electric transmission and distribution markets.

The two companies announced a set of broad business and technical agreements to build, market, and support a series of new solutions. Initially, Qualitrol and Neoptix plan to work together on issues concerning the integration of data collected simultaneously from traditional methods of temperature measurement and from optical direct hot-spot sensors. Data integration is a key issue facing organizations that want to take advantage of both technologies to monitor and optimize their large power transformers. Subsequently, the joint development team will concentrate its efforts on this key challenge.

Collaboration between Neoptix and Qualitrol will help spur new solutions for permanent and long-term monitoring of critical equipment in the T&D markets, such as power and distribution transformers.

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