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Protection Relays Built on Common Modular Platform

The Universal Relay (UR) from GE is a family of leading edge protection and control products built on a common modular platform. Designed to serve as the "engines" for industrial and utility substation automation, all products in the family feature high-end protection elements for a range of applications, combined with high-speed open standard peer to peer communications.

Enhanced features include:

  • Embedded Ethernet Switch Module - Reduces the overall cost of creating an Ethernet network by eliminating the need for external Ethernet Switches
  • F60 Protection & Monitoring Enhancements - The F60 now supports enhanced protection and breaker monitoring features making the F60 superior feeder protection device available. Enhancements include: Incipient Cable Fault Detection, Breaker Restrike Detection, Enhanced Breaker Fail Detection
  • T60 Protection Enhancement - The T60 now supports 3 zones of stepped distance backup transformer protection eliminating the need for a second backup protection relay.
  • Enhanced Horizontal & Vertical Front Panels:

- Larger, bright display

- User-Programmable Pushbutton options - 16 on horizontal, 6 on vertical

- Easy labeling of LEDs and pushbuttons

- Ability to remove power supply without removing door

- Easy upgrading of installed units - full backward compatibility

  • Security Enhancements - Enabling NERC CIP Compliance:

- Remote and Local Setting and Control passwords

- Configurable lockout responses to unsuccessful password access attempts

- Successful password access logged in Event Record

  • Double Point Breaker/Switch Status - Breaker and Isolator Switch status using two inputs to determine status and is available in DNP3.0 and IEC61850 protocols
  • Tripping without Logic - Allows for direct tripping from protection elements without the need for configuring Flexlogic Equations
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