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Programmable Monitor Supports Difficult Industrial Process Control Applications

The INCON Model 1511-Z Process Monitor is a microprocessor-based panel instrument for difficult industrial process control applications.

The monitor Accepts 4 mA to 20mA signal from any type of sensor and provides 24 VDC transmitter loop power. It interfaces with PLCs and PC-based control systems.

The monitor offers a multi-mode parallel BCD digital output and full-duplex RS-232 serial communication. It drives up to eight solid-state external relays and features programmable hi/lo relay limits.

It has proportional linear analog output and displays measurement in three programmable scales. The powerful system calibration mode increases accuracy. It also calculates its own slope and offset values. The averaging filter increases display stability and accuracy.

The monitor comes with a 100 data-point non-linear conversion table. It has a highly visible 5-digit LED display. Programming is stored in battery-backed RAM memory. The small size fits in 1/8 DIN panel cut-out.

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