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Power Systems Reporting Software Monitors Environmental Concerns

The Eaton Power Xpert Reporting version 2 offers three new reports that help facility, information technology and energy managers measure data center efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and utility usage. Power Xpert Reporting aggregates power and energy data into standard report formats, allowing managers to quickly identify and implement energy- and cost-saving opportunities.

With this data center efficiency reporting tool, users can measure industry-standard efficiency metrics, such as Power Usage Effectiveness and Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency. It also records temperature and humidity statistics, two factors that have a high impact on the amount of energy data centers consume. The new greenhouse gas report measures six gases, including carbon dioxide, mercury and methane, and provides a consumption breakdown by location. The new utilities report helps users track and understand consumption per day for water, air, gas, electricity and steam, providing a complete view of all utilities.

Power Xpert Reporting can aggregate data from multiple Power Xpert Software and Foreseer databases to provide a complete enterprise-level view of power consumption and energy usage.

Additional benefits of Power Xpert Reporting version 2 include:

  • Demand timeline and total usage added to the energy cost allocation report
  • Enhanced configuration for redundant systems
  • Automatic creation of reporting hierarchies
  • New operating system and software version support
  • Other standard reports such as capacity summary, energy summary and power quality, as well as a standard Joint Commission-compliant report to support hospital power test requirements
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