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Power Quality Meter for Monitoring Industrial and Distribution Feeders

GE has released its new revenue class power quality meter, the Multilin EPM 7000. With high-accuracy disturbance recording capabilities and large memory capacity, the EPM 7000 is suitable for monitoring industrial power and motor control centers, as well as power distribution networks in critical infrastructures such as data centers.

This compact power quality meter performs energy measurements with 0.2% accuracy for applications requiring revenue metering functionality such as billing. The high resolution event and disturbance recording feature enables customers to analyze power quality events over long periods of time for improved network reliability. The high capacity historical data recording and logging capability allows customers to retrieve archived data, capture past events and analyze disturbances.

In addition, the Multilin EPM 7000 provides advanced, flexible communications options for easy access to meter values, simplified configuration and seamless integration into new or existing automation systems.

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