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Power Quality Meter Captures 10 MHz Resolution Transients.

Electro Industries has introduced the Nexus 1500 meter, which attains the total picture of energy usage and power quality from any metered point in a power distribution network. It is designed for critical applications in which high performance is essential, such as high-voltage transmission and electrical distribution automation.

Advanced features include:

  • 10 MHz Resolution Transient Capture for high performance waveform recording
  • 1 gigabyte of storage memory for extensive logging and recording of power quality
  • Dual 100BaseT Ethernet Communications for user-selectable access to multiple networks
  • A 256-color touch-screen user interface for viewing critical data
  • Compliance with multiple industry power quality and energy metering standards
  • USB support as well as a front mounted ANSI optical port
  • Rapid Response Ethernet supplying 20 times faster data download speeds over older generation meters.
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