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Power Monitoring Instrument Equipped with Eight Independent Channels

Dranetz-BMI has introduced the PowerGuide 4400, an advanced monitoring instrument that incorporates a color touch screen into its lightweight design.

With the PowerGuide 4400, users can select the length and mode of data collection, including troubleshooting, data logging, fault recording, inrush, power quality surveys, equipment performance testing, energy studies, and loading balance. Automated setups provide instant detection of circuit types and configurations, ensuring that the instrument is ready to successfully collect data. The PowerGuide collects data at 256 samples/cycle/channel for both voltage and current and offers remote communications using the RS-232, Ethernet or USB options.

Standard features with the PowerGuide 4400 include the unique annunciator “report card,” which provides instant power quality answers in the field by collecting and color-coding categories to quickly identify areas of concern.

Data can be viewed in real time using scope mode, meter mode, event mode, harmonics spectrum or phasor diagrams. Data are captured on a memory card for analysis, trending, visualization and reporting using DRAN-VIEW software. The instrument includes AnswerModules, proprietary algorithms that convert raw power quality event data into precise answers to determine the source and cause of the disturbance.

The PowerGuide4400 is UL- and CE-compliant and meets IEC standards.

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