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Power Meter Options Enhance Power Management, Distribution Solutions

MGE UPS Systems, Inc. has added to its family of power meters that provide access to a host of information such as real-time trends, averages, and demand metering allowing users maximum control of their power management efforts. This, in addition to raw data, offers users better visibility to address power quality issues along with the ability to better allocate equipment, balance loads, plan for future growth and develop programs to reduce energy costs. The optional power meters complement MGE’s line of Power Management Modules with a robust selection of monitoring and communication features that can be tailored to individual needs.

MGE’s family of power meters simplify power monitoring of critical incoming power circuits as well as secondary feeders and branch circuits with multifunctional digital instrumentation and alarms. Providing users with an extensive data set that can facilitate optimized power quality and equipment utilization, this latest power meter reads over 50 metered values as well as minimum and maximum data via a menu-driven display.

Available with a variety of interface options including RS-485, RS-232 or Ethernet and communications protocols such as MODBUS or JBUS, MGE’s meters can be configured for integration into any power monitoring and control system. The power meter’s advanced features include:
• View Multiple Values – View three phases, plus neutral, for current or voltage at the same time.
• Intuitive Display Operation – Large, back-lit LCD allows users to quickly and easily read and navigate through the menus.
• Modularity – Provides flexibility to add options as needs change and the system grows.
• Alarm Flexibility – Set point-controlled alarm and relay functions.
• True RMS Metering – Measures currents and voltages, reporting in real time of the RMS values. In addition, the power meter calculates power factor, real power and reactive power.

All models are designed for use with MGE’s Power Management Module (PMM) and Remote Power Management Module (RPMM) from 30 kVA to 300 kVA.

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