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Positron TeleLite Certified NEBS-Compliant

Reliability is essential for today’s communications networks and the integrity of telecommunications services is increasingly important for national security. Service providers are increasingly more concerned with reliability and standards compliance. Positron's TeleLite fiber optic isolation product has passed all of the stringent compliance requirements of NEBS Level 3 certification.

The Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) standards were developed by Telcordia to define design guidelines that must be applied to telecommunications equipment to provide reliable and safe services. These rigorous criteria have become a universal measure of network product requirements and excellence. To be NEBS-compliant, telecommunications installations must meet network and all FCC requirements and must be capable of withstanding harsh stresses, such as earthquakes (vibration), thunderstorms, windstorms, temperature extremes, exposure to fire and more. Successful NEBS testing of a product means that the product has been thoroughly tested for its robustness and meets a high standard for continuous operation through a wide variety of environmental extremes.

In addition to ensuring compliance to FCC Part 15, FCC Part 68 and UL/CSA, NEBS includes specific criteria and tests for: earthquakes, vibration resistance, electromagnetic emission, ultraviolet resistance, thermal robustness, condensation, humidity exposure, wind, water and corrosion resistance, acoustical noise suppression, bonding and grounding, paint adhesion, flexibility and more.

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