Portable System for the Temporary Monitoring of Partial Discharge

Portable System for the Temporary Monitoring of Partial Discharge

The OMS 605 is a portable partial discharge (PD) monitoring system designed for inspections of high-voltage assets under load. It can be employed for temporary and periodic, condition-based monitoring. Measurements are performed at the assets one after the other. The OMS 605 can be easily connected to existing sensors installed at the asset, e.g. coupling capacitors or high frequency current transformers.

The portable system has three channels to capture partial discharge activities at all three phases. The PD acquisition is performed time synchronously, which simplifies the suppression of noise signals and discrimination and individual evaluation of particular PD sources.

Key Features
  • 3 (+1) channels for synchronized data acquisition
  • Easily transportable by wheels allows testing at different locations
  • Heavy-duty measurement system for industrial environments (IP65)
  • Simple to use plug and play modules for fast system set-up
  • Compatible to a variety of sensors
  • Comprehensive data analysis and reporting
  • Temporary and periodic, condition-based monitoring of high-voltage assets
  • Monitoring of partial discharge phenomena at rotating machines (motors and generators)
  • Monitoring of partial discharge phenomena at cable systems (HV cable and accessories)
  • Maintenance of HV assets (service)
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