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Pole Foundations LTD Secures Exacter Utility Reliability Technology Alliance for Australia

Exacter, Inc. has awarded an exclusive sales, marketing, and distribution agreement for Australia to Pole Foundations LTD of Carole Park, Queensland, Australia.

Pole Foundations LTD is one of Australia’s providers of pole inspection, asset management, and pole maintenance. Winning the Exacter technology allows it to extend its product offering to current customers by providing reliability monitoring of electrical components on overhead electrical lines. .

“There is nothing like Exacter technology in Australia,” stated Pole Foundations Managing Director Mark Blyton. “With Exacter information, we can now provide our utility customers with the ability to remove faulty equipment before failure, prevent power outages, and harden their distribution systems for improved reliability. Our plan is to introduce Exacter technology at the Energy 21C Exhibition in Melbourne, this Sept. 6-9.”

Pole Foundations LTD is the third international company to be awarded an Exacter alliance sales and service agreement. Exacter is currently in negotiations with several similar in-country service organizations in Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. “We have patent-pending status in the top 55 industrial nations around the world, and over the next two years expect to have alliance partners in many of the key utility markets,” concluded Anderson.

Exacter’s patented proprietary technology identifies overhead line equipment in fail-condition providing a pre-fail alert to utilities – allowing them to take pre-emptive maintenance action to avoid outages. More than 100 North American utilities have used/are using Exacter technology and services since the company’s launch in 2007.

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