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Phasor Data Concentrator Features Reliability Enhancements

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has added several new features that improve synchrophasor data availability, provide additional security, and respond to customer requests. These enhancements now come standard in both the SEL-3373 Station Phasor Data Concentrator (PDC) and SEL-5073 synchroWAVe PDC Software, and are available to existing customers as an upgrade for $900 and $1,500, respectively.

Reliability of synchrophasor data affects the operation of end-use applications, such as disturbance recording and reporting, model validation, and wide-area system visualization and awareness. Dependable data are crucial for the effective monitoring and control of the grid and, ultimately, for reliable power.

SEL’s new PDC enhancements provide improved data reliability and availability, and include new security and communications features for system monitoring and operation. Now users can configure redundant inputs and outputs to improve the reliability of data delivered to end-use applications. An added voting scheme discards invalid time-stamped data caused by misoperating GPS clocks, also improving the reliability of the data delivered. By using synchrophasor tag aliasing, users can now easily identify synchrophasor measurement quantities in their applications. The enhancements also increase security by logging additional user activity and by providing user-settable login/logout parameters. Lastly, sharing data with neighboring utilities and transmission operators is now easier with the new multicasting feature. Users no longer have to configure individual outputs to send the same information to multiple locations, saving time and increasing flexibility of communication.

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