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Phase Rotation Meter Determines Leading Phase

Phase Rotation Meter Determines Leading Phase

HDE's Phase Rotation Meter is used to determine which is the leading phase of any two phases of a three-phase conductor system. The PRM is a dual-range 0-5kV and 0-15kV device that can be used as high as 45kV when optional resistor sticks are added. It consists of two sticks with a connecting cord and ground lead.

Phase rotation is determined by taking readings on the two phases; first in one direction then the other. The meter will indicate which phase is leading and which is lagging.
The PRM can be used in overhead applications or in underground applications by adding the appropriate underground probes for your application.


  • Determine phase rotation up to 45kV
  • Adaptable for underground applications with optional bushing probes
  • Large 3" meter face for easy reading and increased accuracy
  • Strain relief fittings reduce cable damage at point of highest stress
  • Includes universal splines for hot stick attachment
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