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Partial Discharge Surveyor for Live HV Substations

Doble Engineering Co. has introduced the PDS100 Partial Discharge Surveyor, a handheld RF interference tool that detects partial discharges in live high-voltage substations. Designed to work as part of a condition-based maintenance program to keep HV apparatus operating efficiently and maximize unit lifespan, the PDS100 detects PD without the need for outages or special connections.

“Identifying PD by testing in live substations is critical to our clients,” explains Hans Ove Kristiansen, Doble’s product manager for the PDS100. “Finding sources of PD early reduces repair costs and helps extend the life of HV apparatus.”

PD is a localized dielectric breakdown of electrical insulation. PD is mainly caused by natural circumstances or by accelerated aging of the HV insulation. If undetected, it can lead to costly repairs and eventually complete electrical breakdown of HV apparatus; thus, testing for PD is an important part of a CBM program for HV apparatus. The PDS100 allows technicians to safely test live HV apparatus, often revealing PD much earlier than scheduled offline diagnostic testing. Entire substations can be surveyed and analyzed. The results are recorded to allow future trending and therefore facilitate an assessment of individual HV apparatus insulation over time.

The PDS100 is manufactured in Europe and available for purchase via Doble’s network of sales offices and authorized sales representatives.

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