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Partial Discharge Monitors Feature Mandarin Chinese User Interfaces

EA Technology has launched Chinese versions of two of its monitoring products: the UltraTEV Monitor and UltraTEV Locator. The company unveiled the new products with Mandarin Chinese user interfaces at a special Innovation in Power Engineering reception at Shanghai Expo 2010.

More than 50 senior representatives from China’s electricity distribution and industrial companies were also shown a film in Mandarin, explaining EA Technology’s latest instruments and techniques for assessing the condition of high and medium voltage power assets by measuring partial discharge activity.

“Chinese-speaking countries are very interested in new ways to enhance the management of power networks by improving understanding of asset condition,” said EA Technology International Director Neil Davies.

EA Technology has its own office in Shanghai and a network of distribution partners in mainland China and Singapore.

The UltraTEV Monitor is for monitoring PD activity in HV and MV substation assets over time.

The UltraTEV Locator is a versatile portable system for investigating and recording partial discharge activity in live MV and HV assets.

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