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Paper-Oil Capacitor Bushings Have Improved Visibility

PCORE Electric has announced that sight glasses on its POC (Paper-Oil-Capacitor) bushings in the Series II and 88 Series product lines will use a new clear-view oil reservoir component.

The oil reservoir will be manufactured with a fluted interior surface contour instead of the current smooth interior surface. This feature was recommended by glass suppliers as the company searched for a design that would allow customers to more easily see the oil level in their PCORE bushings under difficult viewing conditions.

This fluted design has been employed for many years in the United States, which includes usage in PCORE 1175 BIL designs. Other than visibility, there are no functional differences in the two sight glass types.

In an effort to avoid visual differences within orders, units purchased in specific lot sizes will be shipped with the same glass type, either fluted or non-fluted, until the transition is complete.

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