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Paper-Insulated Lead Cable Sensor Provides Fault Indication in Urban Areas

E. O. Schweitzer Manufacturing will begin taking orders for its fault indicator for paper-insulated lead cable (PILC) at the end of the third quarter. Designed for urban areas with aging PILC, this new SEL fault indicator will enable line crews to find faults in less than half the time it takes today. The end result is improved power reliability and reduced outage costs.

"Today, many metropolitan areas with aging PILC infrastructure are faced with long fault-locating times, since traditional fault indicators are not applicable on PILC cables," said E. O. Schweitzer Manufacturing General Manager Dan Clifford. "These are environments where an outage typically affects thousands of people and businesses, and carries with it political problems for the utility. Because of this, our industry has been asking for a fault indication solution for PILC for some time, and we’re happy to be able to provide an elegant, cost-effective solution."

The PILC sensor will be available with visual remote displays and as a sensing option on the SEL RadioRANGER Wireless Fault Indication System. The RadioRANGER reduces fault-finding time in subsurface vault applications.

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