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Outage Advisor Detects Faults

Electric utilities are continuously looking for ways to use technology to improve reliability by reducing the frequency and duration of customer outages. For nearly 30 years, electric utilities have relied primarily on faulted circuit indicators (FCIs) to assist them in locating outages within their system. These FCIs require physical inspection of the device locations to look for either a mechanical target or other type of indication.

The OutageAdvisor Fault Detection and Location Solution from Cooper Power Systems provides a significant advancement in fault detection and location. It incorporates today’s flexible communication technologies with traditional fault circuit indicators to integrate FCI data into operation systems including SCADA and Outage Management Systems.

OutageAdvisor provides electric utilities the ability to achieve greater reliability and reduce expenses. This simple yet sophisticated solution is designed to quickly and accurately indicate both permanent and momentary faults, find their location, shorten response time, and improve reliability indices.

Key components of the OutageAdvisor solution:

  • Sensors
  • Communications and the seamless data interface
  • GridAdvisor Exchange
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