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Optisense and BPLG Collaborate for Smarter Power Lines

Optisense Network and BPL Global announced last year a collaboration for accelerating distribution automation insight beyond the substation.

Optisense Network provides measurement of 3-phase and single phase current and voltage power metrics through its optical-based sensor solution. Optisense’s real time data is processed by BPLG’s Connected Energy Grid Management software, providing the operational insight needed by distribution grid operators.

Downstream power metrics can be used by utilities for a variety of operational needs such as restoring service more quickly by identifying and locating line faults, improving Volt/VAR control, optimizing voltage for energy savings through conservation voltage reduction (CVR), managing power quality and protecting assets on congested circuits.

OptiSensors are accurate, measuring power metrics to ±0.5% (including IEDs), versus competitive sensors with accuracy of ±1-2%. Patented, optical-based technology allows the sensors to take and store 15,000 measurements per second. Setting the standard for medium voltage line sensors, OptiSensors are designed with the accuracy and sampling rate necessary for advanced distribution automation. The Connected Energy Grid Management software provides utility operations with the most significant and relevant information on power metrics in a timely manner, allowing operations personnel to quickly assess and respond to grid conditions.

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