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Oncor to Use New SVC Technology for Grid Reliability

Oncor Electric Delivery will be using power system technology from ABB starting in 2009 to maintain the reliability of the grid while enabling the improvement of the environment in the North Texas area by installing the world’s largest cluster of Static Var Compensators (SVCs).

The SVCs for Oncor are a “no wires” solution to enable the improvement of the environment while maintaining an uninterrupted flow of electricity.

Oncor and ABB have entered into a two-year, $75 million agreement. The first phase of the turnkey project is destined for completion prior to summer 2009, and the second phase will be completed in 2010.

Static Var Compensators are part of the FACTS technology family and are advanced technology designs that provide high-speed, grid-voltage support to continue the reliable operation of the electrical grid during electrical disturbances. Installing SVC’s minimizes the need to run generation plants in close proximity to system loads, therefore limiting air pollutants and continuing to support environmental improvement in Dallas-Fort Worth and northern Texas.

The robust technology of SVCs will help in controlling and rapidly responding to changes in grid conditions. It will also accommodate the future use of wind power and other forms of remote generation.

The first phase of the SVC installations is slated for service prior to summer 2009, though Oncor will continue to deliver electricity reliably, while enabling significant environmental improvements.

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