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OMICRON Starts Training Division

OMICRON Starts Training Division

OMICRON has founded its own training division - the OMICRON Academy. The objective of the training courses is to transfer important skills that customers need for their day-to-day work. Equal emphasis is placed on practical use of the testing equipment while reinforcing the necessary technical background knowledge.

The courses offered by the OMICRON Academy combine theory and practice. This approach provides participants with the knowledge and confidence they need to perform protection tests and diagnostic measurements.

Training centers have been established at 11 locations throughout the world, and special courses have been created to cater for specific geographic differences and requirements. All courses are detailed on the OMICRON website where filter options have been implemented to make it easier for users to find the courses that match their needs. Customer-specific training courses can be offered on request, and an inquiry form is available.

The specialist trainers can integrate specific customer wishes into their courses with regard to practical applications. One example of this came from Richard Marenbach, head of the OMICRON Academy: "Testing of the protective equipment used for renewable energies is becoming increasingly important in Central Europe. When the new legal provisions were passed, OMICRON was the first company to offer a course covering the background knowledge and corresponding testing techniques needed to comply with the new directives."

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