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Omicron Releases Version 3 of CT Analyzer

Omicron's CT Analyzer is a unique lightweight instrument is designed to perform excitation, ratio, polarity and winding resistance tests on current transformers (CTs) as well as burden-impedance measurement. Now Omicron has released version 3.0 with several enhancements.

  • Additional user interface language support for Chinese, Japanese, Slovak
  • Accuracy improvement for Excitation Graph
  • Accuracy improvement in Ratio measurement
  • More Input parameters
  • More text fields for location and object definitions
  • Support for 400Hz CTs
  • Repeat of burden measurement or CT measurement without doing the whole test again.
  • Shows two knee points if more than 1 knee point can be found (topmost and lowermost knee point)
  • Improved assessments with more detailed parameters
  • Accuracy limiting graph according to Chinese standard (maximum primary current over maximum burden to reach the accuracy limit)

CT Analyzer PC Toolset

  • One startpage for all software modules.
  • Tool for remote control of CT Analyzer and report generation (Remote Excel File Loader). Language change and selection "on the fly" (also for existing reports) and the possibility to print reports in different languages.
  • Various templates for the Remote Excel File Loader for comprehensive test reports for all standards and classes.
  • Firmware update tool to carry out CT Analyzer firmware updates from the PC.
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