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Omicron Enhances Test Set, Calibrator

Omicron has introduced the CMC256plus, the universal solution for testing protection relays and calibrating secondary equipment including energy meters, PQ devices and transducers.

The accuracy specification of the new CMC256plus exceeds the CMC256-6 with the Extended Precision (EP) option. The Ethernet interface comes as standard (previous NET-1 Option for CMC256-6).

IRIG-B synchronization, using the CMIRIG-B unit, is now available in addition to the existing GPS method. The unit is also an IRIG-B source. An extended range of up to 3 kHz is now available for the generation of harmonics and inter-harmonics, particularly useful for applications involving power quality meters

Full output power is available even when the unit is used with a 115 V supply voltage Advanced fan management has reduced the noise level to 50% of the CMC 256-6. In addition to the standard delivery of 6 low level outputs (0…10 V) the CMC 256plus can be equipped with a further six outputs (LLO-2). When used with external amplifiers, this allows it to control two external amplifiers with six current generators each. (e.g. for testing busbar protection)

The set also offers a new trigger function. "Trigger On Overload", allows the user to end timing measurements

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