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Oil Switches are Single-Phase, Motor-Operated Capacitor

The CSD oil switches from Trinetics are single-phase, motor-operated capacitor switches designed for 15kV and 25kV, and also for 35kV grounded wye distribution applications.

  • Meets or Exceeds IEEE/ANSI Standard C37.66
  • "TRUE" 95kV, 125kV and 150kV BIL ratings (Full BIL ratings with switch in open position)
  • Provides a reliable means for switching capacitor banks as well as lighting circuits
  • Mounting options for poles, stations, and cross arms
  • Manual or Automatic operation of switches with ProCap Capacitor Controls
  • Oil-insulated switches contain high quality mineral oil with no PCB elements

Options include various auxillary contact configurations, mechanical counters, 110VAC and 240VAC operating voltages, factory wired Junction boxes and five-pin connectors with SO cables.

The Trinetics CSD oil switch is an oil- filled, single pole device designed in conformance with ANSI Standard C37.66. The product may be used to switch capacitor banks, control lighting circuits, and to sectionalize power.

The standard switch includes a power train and motor housing assembly. However, the switches can be supplied in a “Manual Only” configuration (without the motor housing assembly).

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