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Oil and Solid Dielectric Analyzer Measures Capacitance, DC Resistance

Oil and Solid Dielectric Analyzer Measures Capacitance, DC Resistance

The Tettex 2830/2831 from Haefely Test is designed to test dielectric properties of liquid and solid insulating materials. It incorporates a fast and advanced procedure to measure capacitance and tan delta, DC resistance and relative permittivity (dielectric constant) of liquid or solid insulating materials.

A simple one-time-connection system, together with resistance measurement according to pre-selectable standards, drastically reduces measuring time.

The instrument works on the principle of a combined bridge-vector-meter and is capable of analyzing capacitance and resistivity on oil and solid insulating sample with outstanding accuracy (capacitance 0.2%, tan d 1x10-5) and stability.

The Graphical User Interface of the instrument is highly intuitive, is focused on convenience with built-in useful programs and uses a large color touchscreen as the input device.

While the manual mode provides quick measurements, the automatic test mode supports complete programmed and automated test sequences according to selectable standards.

Advanced software and hardware functionalities such as; defining up to 10 cells, heating two test cells at the same time and graphical visualization of measured data, make this instrument a tool for analysis of high-voltage insulating materials.

The instrument incorporates standard USB and Ethernet interfaces that enable easy exchange of measurement results, related settings, for further analysis or reporting.

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