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NxtPhase Offers Flexible Optical Current Sensor

NxtPhase T&D Corporation has announced the NXCT-F3 flexible optical current sensor.

The latest addition to the NxtPhase range of optical CTs, the NXCT-F3’s flexible, fiber optic head wraps around high-voltage bushings, generator bus or other conductors in ways not possible with conventional CTs. The linear all-dielectric sensing head design can encircle more than one conductor and make direct measurements of net current. Its accuracy makes it suitable for calibrating existing CTs or specialty applications where a traditional magnetic CT is difficult to apply.

“Many customers have unique measurement problems where the ability to apply a flexible current sensor without breaking the bus allows them to solve the problem without extensive retrofit work,” commented Steve Dolling, director of Optical Product Management at NxtPhase, “The F3’s installation flexibility and high accuracy will bring precision measurement to new points cost-effectively.”

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