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NxtPhase Introduces 'Cooperative Mode' Disturbance Fault Recording

NxtPhase T&D Corporation has added cooperative mode to the TESLA Model 3000 Recorder, enabling utilities to view data from multiple DFRs in a single record.

In the case of a wide area disturbance, access to timely, integrated fault data from around a utility’s system has far-reaching implications. Cooperative mode allows users to automate the retrieval of data from multiple DFRs and combine them into a single record, reducing the time needed to gather the data and allowing utilities to quickly analyze and better understand system disturbances in order to improve future reliability.

“During the 2003 North America blackout, utilities scrambled to analyze their data, with varying degrees of success,” commented Jeff Vaughan, director of product management at NxtPhase. “This task was made much easier for some NxtPhase recorder customers whose network of recorders automatically triggered and gathered wide area swing recordings. These utilities provided analysis that proved crucial to help determine the cause of the blackout and to develop recommendations to protect against future disturbances.”

The TESLA Model 3000 also introduces a new higher speed sampling rate and a flash memory that eliminates rotating hard drives, thus improving reliability.

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