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North Delhi Power Opts for TAPCON Voltage Regulator

North Delhi Power Ltd. (NDPL) is responsible for power delivery in northern Delhi, India, which is the capital of India. While trying to recondition its substations, NDPL opted for the TAPCON 260 LTC-Control (voltage regulator) from Reinhausen.

The TAPCON series is delivered in a 19-inch rack and is suitable for installation in existing RTCCs. NDPL’s target was to achieve automatic voltage regulation of its power transformer, including cooler control. In late February 2006, NDPL received the LTC control and installed it in a substation.

In addition to all necessary contacts for voltage regulation, wiring for additional signals was mounted. The integrated cooler control enables operation of up to three cooler groups, depending on oil and winding temperatures. This leads to reliable operation, saving costs.

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