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New Software Supports Thermal Comfort Data Logger

LumaSense Technologies has developed new Thermal Comfort Manager Software (INNOVA 7701) for the Thermal Comfort Data Logger (INNOVA 1221).

The INNOVA 7701 software is a complete redesign and is fully upgraded to the newest Microsoft.Net technology based on a SQL Server 2005 database structure, making it fully compatible with Microsoft Windows XP. This makes the solution both robust and agile, giving the user a much better tool for handling measurements and performing data processing. The demand for more efficient and operative measurements and quicker access to real-time data has increased tremendously. Moreover, to optimize and shorten time consuming processes, the need to after-process present and historical data is of the outmost importance to maintain flexibility – all of which is incorporated into the application.

LumaSense has focused on shortening the time-to-results and ease-of-use providing completely new features with an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). A time-saving and professional installation guide ensures a seamless and effortless installation including application and SQL Server 2005 database.

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