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Neoptix Now Covers Transformer Hot-Spot Monitoring Systems for 5 Years

Neoptix Fiber Optic Sensors, Inc. has announced its new 5-year warranty coverage on all of its optical systems for transformer hot-spot temperature monitoring.

Neoptix announced that as of Dec. 15, 2006, all of its systems designed for permanent transformer monitoring would be covered by a complete 5-year warranty.

The 5-year warranty protects the Neoptix T/Guard and T/Guard+ systems and covers parts and service costs for the signal conditioner for the totality of that period. Moreover, the 48-hours product turn-around policy is still attached to the products. The warranty also covers all consumable parts including the PCB batteries and the light source, even if this source is rated for more than 50 years of use.

“This warranty extension is a direct result of the quality and the confidence we have in our products. We are designing and manufacturing with the long term in mind by selecting the most robust components on the market. Our instruments’ track record on the field allows us to extend the warranty with assurance,” said JF Meilleur, president of Neoptix. “Since our products are compliant with all GaAs based products, many customers have decided to replace their old and unreliable signal conditioners with Neoptix’ proven systems. The 5-year warranty is an additional incentive in that direction.”

The 5-year warranty is attached to the system and is automatically transferred to the end-user and is transferable at no cost. The 5-year warranty is included free of charge and applies to all systems shipped from Neoptix starting Dec. 15, 2006.

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