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Neoptix Adds Standard Features to Fiber Optic Power Transformer Windings Temperature Monitoring System

Neoptix Fiber-Optic Sensors has introduced its T/Guard Direct Windings Monitoring System standard with large backlighted LCD and MODBUS RTU communication.

Neoptix T/Guard now features a standard four lines-by-20 characters LCD. It has an LED-based backlight, which allows reading in all conditions and has an auto shut-off feature, lowering the power consumption of the system to 4 W. The LCD allows simultaneous reading of up to eight optical temperature probes without the need for a connection to a PC. The display also gives the information related to the system (serial number, firmware version, status, etc.).

According to Michel Plourde, vice president sales and marketing of Neoptix, this move adds to the T/Guard System: “More and more customers were ordering their T/Guard Systems with a display. Everybody will be pleased to know that we are now offering it as a standard feature with no increase of the already competive price of that system."

Moreover, the MODBUS communication, a robust and accepted industrial interface, is now a no-cost option for the T/Guard system. MODBUS is available with half or full duplex connectivity, allowing a perfect connectivity to SCADA and other acquisition systems. The system is delivered with control and datalogging software at no extra cost.

It is also possible to add, as an option, an Ethernet bridge to the T/Guard. This option is perfect for remote operation of the system over extended distance through TCP/IP communication protocol.

Coupled with Neoptix T2 temperature probes, the T/Guard System is especifically designed to directly monitor the winding temperature of oil-filled and dry type transformers.

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