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Neoptix Adds 1 GB Data Logging Option to Monitoring System

Neoptix Fiber Optic Sensors has announced a new data logging option for its T/Guard Direct Windings Monitoring system.

The Neoptix T/Guard System is now available with a 1 Gigabyte data logging option that allows utilities and transformer operators to record temperature data points and alarm status information directly into their T/Guard temperature monitoring system, without the need for permanent connection to a remote acquisition system. The T/Guard option is delivered with a 1 GB memory size, which is sufficient to log over 24 millions data points. The T/Guard system is a completely independent monitoring solution and the logged file can be retrieved by a PC using RS-232 serial communication. Data points are saved with a time stamp that comes from the internal real-time clock of the T/Guard system.

Coupled with Neoptix T2 hot-spot temperature probes, the T/Guard System is specifically designed to directly monitor the winding temperature of dry-type and oil-filled power transformers.

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