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MV Power Distribution System Powers Remote Locations

Cooper Power Systems, a division of Cooper Industries, Ltd., has announced the expansion of its popular Modular Integrated Transportable Substation (MITS) product line on June 29 with the introduction of a new mobile power station, a “ready to roll” electrical power distribution solution designed for limited spaces, with the capability to be energized soon after deployment.

Diverse in the markets and applications it serves, the new power station provides users such as investor-owned utilities with the ability to relieve seasonal overload condition, address temporary voltage regulation during substation refurbishing, and address temporary power factor corrections. For municipal utilities, the mobile power station allows for emergency repowering of critical loads. Use of the mobile station by commercial and industrial customers will allow them to benefit during substation refurbishing, temporary power factor correction and emergency repowering of critical loads. And finally, government agencies will be able to supply a temporary power supply during planned or emergency situations.

“Our customers never know when an emergency situation or remote location will necessitate the need for generating electrical power,” said Mike Stoessl, Group President, Cooper Power Systems. “The new mobile power station helps take the guesswork out of their ability to meet that need.”

The new mobile power station is available with any of the following types of electric power equipment:

  • Transformers, thru 15MVA & 46kV
  • Reclosers, switchgear, voltage regulators: 15 thru 35kV class
  • Enclosed or open rack capacitor banks: 15 thru 35kV; open rack 46kV and higher.
In addition to its flexibility in electrical power applications, Cooper’s new mobile power station features Envirotemp FR3 Fire-Resistant Fluid and/ or Envirotemp-200 (switchgear application) fluids. FR3 fluid allows for higher continuous operating temperatures in mobile transformer/voltage regulators, resulting in higher kVA loading or less transport weight design.
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