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Multi-function Meter Determines SF6 Gas Moisture

Dilo's SF6 Multi-function meter from Filtration Solutions can be used to determine and store the volume percentage as well as the moisture of SF6-

gas from a single test session. The test results are displayed on the LCD panel. The moisture measuring component is identical to the stand-alone 3-037-R00X moisture measuring device, and the volume percentage sensor is the same as is used in the 3-027-R00X.

The front side of the device contains the gas inlet, graphic display (128 x 64 pixel), control LEDs, control knob, two buttons and a bypass valve to reduce the response time for measurements using long connecting hoses. On the back side of the device the sampled gas is exhausted – or it can be collected for recycling purposes via a gas outlet stub. Each test sensor (moisture and purity) is modular and can be removed independently – for calibration purposes. The device will continue to function with only one module.

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