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Monitoring System Delivers Event Reports Anywhere in Seconds

Monitoring System Delivers Event Reports Anywhere in Seconds

Sub.net is the latest generation of substation monitoring systems from eMS incorporating wide ranging monitoring and recording functionality Sub.net continuously monitors and reports on protection operations, quality of supply, stability and other substation asset conditions. Real time monitoring and metering are other integral features.

It can reduce engineering fault analysis time, assist in network improvements, aid fault location and help reduce customer minutes lost (CML). Both installation costs and time are greatly reduced due to its compact size.

Embedded software within sub.net provides automatic analysis of the recorded data resulting from system events and sends prioritized reports as email with attachments, fax or SMS message. This enables rapid engineering assessments to be made and appropriate prompt actions to be taken. There is now no longer any need for the user to retrieve large volumes of data from multiple instruments to a centralized master station before information can be made available to them.

A simple web browser is all that is required to retrieve waveform and RMS values if signal data is required for further analysis. This data is also despatched as an email attachment in COMTRADE format for analysis in any COMTRADE viewer.

DIN rail mounting design enables rear panel fixing of the sub.net, close to the input connections. This, together with its compact size, enables big reductions in both panel space requirements and wiring costs.

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