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Mission-Critical Power Distribution Units Cover 400, 625, and 750 kVA

Power Distribution Inc (PDI) has added the Wavestar Mission Critical 400, 625, and 750 kVA Power Distribution Units to its PowerPak line. This release complements PDI's recent release of the Wavestar 500 kVA power distribution unit.

TheWavestar power distribution line ranges from 15 - 750 kVA. Each PDU can display both PDU critical functions and PDI's Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) in a single Wavestar monitor. The Wavestar monitoring system can also provide these points remotely to the building management system via Modbus or SNMP.

"The Wavestar 400, 625, and 750 KVA PDU's complete the line of Wavestar PowerPak power distribution units and supplement the customized intelligent power solutions that PDI offers for data centers," said Keith Schmid, president and CEO of PDI. "In addition, these extensions of the PowerPak line have incorporated market requested features such as a high-efficiency low-inrush transformer, front access design to allow for easy infrared scans, compression lugs, plug in style breakers, hinged panels with two point locks, and bus connections for the transformer and circuit breakers."

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