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Megger Updates Cable Fault Locator

Megger has introduced the MPP1000 Pinpointer, an instrument designed specifically for locating faults in shielded, primary and direct buried electric cables. The MPP1000 is available in three configurations: as a stand-alone unit (without probes) that detects electromagnetic impulse; a single-probe version that allows for detection of the acoustic thump and provides a measure of the distance to the fault; and as a dual-probe version that can also provide the direction to the fault. A stand-alone or single-probe version can be easily upgraded at any time.

The MPP1000 effectively measures and displays ballistic impulse, acoustic signal strength, time delay between acoustic and magnetic signal, relative distance, and direction to the fault. The unit will work as an accessory with any cable surge generator.

The MPP1000 is contained in a lightweight, compact case that can be easily carried by a hands-free adjustable strap around the neck. Its weather-resistant enclosure allows for operation in virtually all weather conditions. A convenient hook on the unit’s knurled geo-phone support poles allows for safe cable holding. Detachable geo-phone cables reduce stress and allow for an easy, trouble-free connection.

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