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Megger Test Leads Support Turbine Testing

Megger’s KC series of test leads are long enough to be used for testing the continuity of lightning protection conductors in wind turbine blades.

Megger’s new test leads eliminate the need for engineers and technicians involved in wind turbine testing to fabricate their own test leads – a time consuming and inconvenient process – or to resort to makeshift arrangements that may deliver uncertain results.

KC-series wind turbine test leads are available in a 100 m version, and are equally suitable for use on site or in the manufacturing plant. For convenience and ease of handling, they are supplied as standard on a heavy-duty cable reel that is fitted with a friction brake to avoid tangles when paying out the cable.

The leads are terminated with large robust Kelvin clips that have been specially designed to offer ease of use while providing the consistently reliable connections needed to ensure accurate and repeatable test results. Included with each lead set is a 5 m cable fitted with a duplex handspike for probing the lightning receptors on the tips of the turbine blades.

KC-series leads are suited for use with Megger DLRO10HD low-resistance digital ohmmeters, which combine robust construction with high test current capability, making them a good choice for wind turbine applications. The leads can, however, be used successfully with most modern types of low-resistance ohmmeter.

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