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Megger Redesigns Oil Test Sets

Redesigned in their entirety after a detailed analysis of user requirements, the new range of oil test sets from Megger (UK) sets new standards for performance, ease of use, reliability and value for money. The new OTS range offers laboratory instruments for testing up to 100 kV, and portable instruments, including light oil test sets in the 60 kV and 75 kV to 80 kV ranges.

Megger’s new oil test sets offer convenient and precise thumbwheel adjustment for electrode spacing. Unlike all other currently available instruments, the adjuster incorporates a locking mechanism that completely eliminates the problem of accidental electrode movement during testing.

The test sets also use a robust, low-cost vessel that has been specifically designed to help users deal with the practical aspects of oil sampling and testing. Other key features include a unique test chamber drain for spilt oil, automatic oil temperature measurement, support for both output voltage and output current breakdown detection, and facilities for storing results internally and on standard USB memory sticks.

The instruments are supplied pre-loaded with all common oil test standards currently in use around the world. The USB port can, however, be used to upload new versions of the standards as they are developed, providing users of the instruments with a high degree of future proofing.

The OTS range includes five models. The OTS60AF, OTS80AF and OTS100AF are primarily intended for use in fixed locations, such as laboratories, and offer maximum test voltages of 60 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV respectively. The OTS60PB and OTS80PB are compact lightweight instruments for portable use and offer maximum test voltages of 60 kV and 80 kV respectively.

All models feature a color display with straightforward menu navigation. In addition, the laboratory models have a large keypad to facilitate rapid data entry.

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