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Megger Provides Advanced Diagnostic Testing Technology

Megger offers two new testing and insulation diagnostics products that will be a strong addition to the Megger range of test instruments for the power industry.

• Transformer finger-printing for non-invasive condition monitoring of electromechanical changes.
• DFRA analysis of transformer insulation materials for moisture

Dielectric Frequency Response Analyzers Pax FRAXrange of Sweep Frequency Analysis products are designed for detecting electromechanical changes inside power transformers. The products have a high measurement range and accuracy and fulfil all recent international standards and recommendations for SFRA testing.
The IDAX range of Dielectric Frequency Response Analyzers are designed for measuring moisture in power transformers as well as testing insulation material in various power system products. The IDAX300 represents the latest generation in the well known IDA/IDAX range of instruments and represents a breakthrough in terms of weight-performance ratio. With its optimized design the test set is three times smaller and lighter and performs insulation characterization twice as fast as its predecessor IDA200.
Sweep Frequency Analysis products
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