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Megger Offers NETA-Credited Seminars on Substation and Protective Relay Testing

Megger is offering a series of seminars throughout Canada covering best practice for testing in substations.

Megger’s recent seminars have now been recognized to qualify for NETA Continuing Technical Development (CTD) credits. Each seminar comprises two days of clear and informative presentations, along with opportunities for delegates to discuss their own particular testing needs and issues with Megger's experienced engineers. Delegates will also have time to meet with their peers and exchange experiences.

Among the many topics that will be covered in detail at the seminars are substation battery condition assessment, ground testing in difficult environments, safe breaker testing, field testing of insulating oil, power quality monitoring in medium voltage systems, and transformer condition assessment. Also available are seminars that offer practical and comprehensive training on the most critical and important aspects of protective relay testing.

Intended for all those who use Megger protective relay test equipment, consulting engineers and protective relay test technicians and engineers, the two-day seminars offer both a basic and an advanced track. These are presented concurrently by experienced relay test professionals from the Megger team.

The seminars, which include a high level of practical hands-on experience, focus particularly on the Megger MPRT relay test set and the associated AVTS software package. Much of the content is, however, relevant to anyone who works with protective relays and wishes to learn about testing techniques.

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