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Megger Hosts Relay Conference in Texas

Megger will be hosting the 2006 Relay Conference on June 11-14 at the Hilton Hotel in Arlington, Texas. The conference provides attendees with an opportunity to improve their testing knowledge and efficiency in relay test hardware and software. Attendees will gain hands-on training on the latest relays and relay test equipment, network and exchange ideas with their peers and other industry professionals, and learn about the latest relay technology and other developments that affect everyday relay testing.

This year’s conference offers more hands-on relay testing workshop time, special “how to” relay test presentations followed by extensive hands-on testing by participants and more paper presentations from end users covering special testing techniques and unique testing applications.

Megger is seeking papers or tutorials relating to relay testing of generation, transmission, distribution and industrial protective relays that would be of benefit to relay test personnel. Perhaps you have developed a unique, new test module, have a test application that could be useful to others or a more efficient way to test a particular relay. For more information on the conference, see http://www.megger.com/rc/.

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