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Megger Acquires Relay Engineering Services

Megger has acquired Relay Engineering Services (RES), a UK company that has an established track record in developing innovative products for testing power system protection equipment. This acquisition will further strengthen Megger’s position in the specialist field of protective relay testing.

“We’re delighted to be welcoming RES to the Megger family,” said Damon Mount, Megger’s UK Sales Manager for Power Products, “and we’re confident that this development will ultimately provide big benefits both for Megger customers, who will ultimately enjoy an expanded product range, and for existing RES customers, who will now have access to support and service from Megger’s sales and technical teams worldwide.”

For the present time, operations at RES will be largely unaffected by the change in ownership, and existing RES customers should continue to work with their usual contacts. Arrangements for the supply and support of RES products are also unaffected at present, although these functions will ultimately be absorbed into the Megger sales and customer support operations.

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