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Managed Ethernet Edge Switch Connects SCADA, PLC, Routers

Westell Technologies, Inc. demonstrated the new eSmartES ES8000 series of Managed Ethernet Edge Switches at the Utilities Telecom Council’s 8, 9, 10 meeting last week.

The eSmartES family of switches is designed specifically for use in harsh environments on the perimeter of Ethernet networks where smart grid and industrial devices are connected. Suitable applications include industrial and heavy-duty outdoor settings such as power utility substations, video surveillance systems, and traffic control monitoring,

For a fully integrated utility smart grid solution, the eSmartES Ethernet Switch can be installed in Westell’s SmartComES Enhanced Power Cabinet. In addition, Westell exhibitrd the following products specifically designed for the utility market:

  • SiteVU, a remote monitoring system that provides complete visibility to remote site environmental and equipment status from the user’s desktop
  • VirtualEdge, a line of demarcation connectivity products, providing simple, sturdy, flexible and economical solutions for termination
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