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Malaysia Company Installs Kelman Online DGA Equipment

Kapar Energy Ventures in Malaysia last year purchased the on-line transformer monitor MINITRANS, Kelman’s ‘3 Gas plus moisture’ on-line DGA equipment.

Since the installation of the units, approximately six months ago, Kapar Energy Ventures has been satisfied with the MINITRANS installed at its Power station. The power station lies between the mouths of the Kapar Besar and the Serdang Kecil rivers. Totalling 2420 MW, the station consists of steam plants firing oil, gas and coal as well as open cycle Frame 9 gas turbines.

Kapar Energy Ventures is a joint venture company between Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Malakoff Berhad, with an equity holding of 60% Tenaga Nasional Berhad and 40 % Malakoff Berhad.

The MINITRANS is a new generation of on-line DGA equipment based on the same core technology as the TRANSFIX. MINITRANS represents a lower cost alternative for the customer and monitors the three key gases; hydrogen, acetylene and carbon monoxide, plus moisture.

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